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"In the symphony of life, each financial decision plays a crucial note. Tune your choices with the melody of prudence, and orchestrate a harmonious future of prosperity"

Metropol Corporation Limited stands as a premier ratings company, distinguished for its comprehensive suite of reports, including economic forecast reports, country credit reports, SME Rating reports, and more. Positioned at the forefront of financial analysis, we employ cutting-edge methodologies to provide accurate and forward-looking assessments. Our economic forecast reports furnish businesses and investors with a strategic roadmap, while country credit reports offer nuanced insights for navigating international markets. Notably, our SME Rating reports delve into the creditworthiness and potential of small and medium-sized enterprises, serving as indispensable tools for businesses, financial institutions, and stakeholders. At Metropol Corporation Limited, we go beyond data, delivering actionable intelligence to empower decision-makers in a rapidly evolving global economy. Choose us for unparalleled analysis, reliability, and a commitment to driving success in your financial ventures – where expertise meets innovation.

First registered 1996
Category Financial Information for financial decisions
Language English, Swahili

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Kenya economic Forecast report 2023


The economic forecast report for Kenya offers a comprehensive analysis, including key indicators like GDP growth, inflation, employment, interest rates, fiscal policies, trade balances, and sectoral performance. This enables informed decision-making by stakeholders, considering both domestic and global factors, for a nuanced understanding of Kenya’s economic outlook.